Why the internet is obsessed with toilet bowls

LANCASTER, Australia — If you’ve ever watched the news, you’ll have seen the story of a man who’s been stuck in a toilet bowl since the start of the year.

On Friday, a man in Australia went to the hospital complaining of pain and constipation.

His condition was later upgraded to life-threatening.

In the past few weeks, the Australian media has picked up the story, with many media outlets describing the man as “tired, bloated, and suffering from dehydration”.

A lot of these stories have focused on his condition, but this story is not one of those stories.

The man’s condition is not the main story in this story.

It’s the toilet bowl, a toilet seat, and the toilets.

We all know this: the internet loves toilet bowls.

But what about the toilets?

Are they the same thing?

And what’s the difference between the two?

This is the story you’ve been waiting for.

A new toilet design, designed by a toilet company, is on the market, and it’s made the internet look at home.

This toilet bowl is not meant for the toilet, but rather for the bowl of a toilet.

This is a toilet toilet seat design.

This image is from the company’s website.

The company says it was inspired by the way the human body functions in nature, and how we are designed to sit down.

We have evolved to sit in these bowls, and that means our bowels are very different to the human bowl.

The human body has evolved over time to function on its own.

So how do you design a toilet design that’s going to work on all types of toilets?

A company called The Plumbing Group, which manufactures toilet seats, created this new toilet seat and toilet bowl.

The Plumbing group says that this toilet seat is made to work in all types, and there are two sizes available.

One of these is for men, and one for women.

It comes with two handles.

The toilet bowl in this photo was designed by The Plumber Group.

The company says they have created a toilet for men with an open bowl, which they say is comfortable and safe for the user.

The other bowl is made for women, which is designed to fit inside the toilet seat.

This photo shows a toilet on the toilet.

The toilet seat has a handle on the left side, and a bowl on the right.

The handle on this toilet is meant to be used for holding the bowl in place.

This toilet seat does not have a handle.

The bowl is a single piece of plastic that holds the bowl and the seat in place in a bowl that has a lid.

The lid on this bowl can be raised or lowered to create a comfortable and secure fit for the person sitting in the bowl.

You can also change the bowl shape.

You could use the bowl to hold the toilet itself, or you could have a bowl with a handle that fits over the handle of the toilet to allow for easy access.

There are also different sizes of bowls available, and you can also use a toilet chair as a toilet to make a smaller toilet.

The toilets also come in different colors, and these have a different shape and color scheme.

The product can be purchased at The Plumbers website.

It’s priced at AU$150.

We asked The Plugs about the toilet and bowl, and they told us that there are no special features of the product, other than the design and the fact that it’s not designed for a toilet, so it won’t work for one.

The manufacturer says that the bowls have been designed with the user in mind.

We also asked them about the safety of the design.

The plumbing group said that they are not making any claims as to how safe the product is, but they do say that the design has a “clean design” that will not damage the toilet or any of the other products.

They said that the bowl can only hold up to about 8 cups of water, so they don’t recommend people use it for more than a couple of hours at a time.

The group said it would be difficult to provide a safe product for people to use on a regular basis, because of the size of the bowl, but that the toilet bowls are designed so that they will be safe for people using them.

The plumbers website said it has tested this product, and said that it has been tested on two people with no ill effects.

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