Why do you hate the word “designed”?

Designed as a noun or a verb,designed is used to describe an idea or a product or service.

The Oxford English Dictionary lists design as a verb in “to design”.

However, it says that “designed” has a different meaning than the verb “designed”.

“Design has a definite past and a definite present and a clear and definite future,” the Oxford English Corpus said.

The word “design” has also been used to refer to a “designer”, but it is not an actual word.

It is often used to indicate a design team or someone who works on an idea.

But in a 2009 New York Times Magazine article titled “Designer in the House: A Tale of Two Words”, the writer used the word design to describe the concept of a team of designers working on an art project.

“When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time designing,” he wrote.

“I used to take notes at lunch, sketching out designs for school projects and drawing them into notebooks.”‘

Designer’ is also used in a different way by the US media to describe a professional or designer, rather than an artist.

“The term designer has also become the term for anyone who produces designs or designs for other people, rather as the term ‘producer’ does for a movie star,” the dictionary said.