Which of these 3 Chicago-based companies have the best products?

The article continues below advertisement source BuzzFeed title 5 Chicago companies with the best designs article The company that started it all – Chicago-born and bred design studio Lutari – is now one of the most prolific designers in the city, with its designs creating more than 500 pieces of art.

Lutaris flagship pieces are all on display at its new headquarters on Chicago’s Near North Side. 

The studio’s portfolio is expansive, and there are plenty of new ones, from the original Chicago home, to its latest creations, including the new home’s iconic neon and stainless steel exterior, the stunning new floor plan and a custom-made, all-metal, steel-and-glass garage entrance. 

Here’s a look at the company’s best products and where they’re being created:The most recent product is the stunning, custom-designed exterior of the home’s new home, the “home” that is, in fact, an interior designed by Lutarian Design, the company that first launched the house and the brand’s flagship design.

The “home,” which opened in June, features a custom designed stainless steel kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

It also features an open floor plan with open windows, an open living room with built-in seating and a sleek, modern, modern design. 

Another new Lutarius creation, the new “boutique” kitchen, is an homage to the Chicago house’s signature style.

The interior is a sleek stainless steel, stainless steel-plated, aluminum, stainless-steel-and glass, aluminum-and aluminum-plating kitchen. 

For the “lounge,” the new floor plans are sleek and modern.

A large white wall with a gold-colored design adorns the ceiling, which is covered in a matte white fabric, with a “living room” feature. 

This floor plan is not the only design innovation the new house has in store.

A white-painted, black-and white mural is visible on the wall.

This design, by LUTARI Design, is part of a new “lifestyle” theme for the house. 

 This is the living room, featuring an open, glass-and steel kitchen, and a glass-walled, aluminum garage entrance with a view of the Chicago River. 

A “sport room” is located in the main living room.

This is where the kids can play and hang out. 

All of these designs were created by the Lutaris team of designers, including its co-founder and current CEO, Lutaria Kondor, and senior designers, Erika Kondors and Lisa Giannoulis.

The studio has been on the cutting edge of design for decades, and the new Luts will continue to be one of Chicago’s most influential design companies.