What the experts think about the new Apple Watch

Updated July 23, 2018 05:14:51 Apple’s latest wearable device, the Apple Watch, has been a big hit in the tech industry, with Apple announcing over 200 million units shipped worldwide.

Apple has now released a new product, the iPhone XS, which has been met with mixed reviews, with many people complaining that the iPhone 8 Plus is just as good.

However, we have our own thoughts on the new iPhone X and whether it is better than the iPhone 7.

The Apple Watch has been designed with a design that’s a mix of both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

The most important thing for us to take away from the Apple XS is that the design of the watch is much more contemporary.

In addition, the design looks very different from the iPhone and iPad, with the curved design and more curved edges.

The iPhone X is a thinner device than the original iPhone, and has a smaller display that is made from an aluminum alloy.

It is also slightly thicker than the previous generation iPhone X, and it has a larger battery.

The design of both the iPhone 9 Plus and the iPhone 10 Plus is also a bit different from that of the iPhone.

The iPhone X has a more rounded edge and a different bezel.

It also has a curved back and a new camera module.

The watch is also made of a more flexible metal, with a softer material that is less likely to scratch.

We would also like to see the watch get a new design to match its appearance.

The company did introduce a new iPhone 6 Plus back in 2016, but the watch has remained a bit of a cult favorite.

Apple’s design team also tried to give the watch a modern look.

The watches face is also different from its predecessors.

The metal casing has a black bezel, while the case is also lighter than the earlier model.

The curved iPhone X S watch is made of aluminum alloy, and features a new battery that has been upgraded from the previous model.

This watch is one of the most comfortable watches on the market.

Apple has also improved the design on the iPhone, including the curved edges on the sides of the phone.

The phone is also curved on the back and the back cover is made out of a metal.

Apple also improved its camera sensor on the device, with an improved camera that captures 4K video.

The XS model has a slightly smaller display, and the display has also been updated.

The Apple Watch is expected to arrive in 2019.