What is minimalist design?

By design, minimalist design is an approach to design that avoids the use of color, typography, and other elements that can distract users from the overall experience.

It’s also more practical, and it makes it easier to work with smaller teams, according to a new article by designer and developer Mark Lohman.

For instance, the design principles behind minimalism apply to designing websites, but they also apply to any website that uses images or other media to convey information.

“If I’m designing a web page for a company, I want the image that the company uses to be minimal, or minimal but not so minimal that it’s distracting to the user,” Lohmans said.

“That’s where my minimalism comes from.

You can design a website without using fonts or images and still be effective.” 

It’s important to keep in mind that Lohmen is still working on the site, and he hasn’t yet created a website that incorporates minimalism into his designs.

That’s why he recommends using a design tool like SketchUp to help you get started. 

“SketchUp has the capability to draw you into the concept of minimalism and it’s also a great tool for creating your website without a designer,” Lofmans said in a statement.

We’re going to talk more about SketchUp in the coming weeks.