Trump, Pence, and the Rise of a New GOP Party

I think the Trump administration is a very dangerous moment for the Republican Party and its brand.

The President is now openly attacking the very conservative, traditionalists who had been the backbone of the party’s base for the last four decades.

He is now attacking them directly, by accusing them of having lied about him.

Trump is a dangerous and divisive figure.

The next few years could be very bad for the GOP, for the party and the country.

But the GOP’s brand is strong, and Trump is an unstable leader.

The Trump administration may not have a whole lot to offer the Republican base, but the Republican brand is still strong, so the next few months are going to be a very difficult time for the Trump White House.

Donald Trump is the president of the United States.

And he has done an amazing job.

But he has failed to govern in a way that he should be, and his policies are dangerous.

They will not succeed, and they will lead to greater polarization and greater chaos.

The Republican Party is in a state of emergency.

It’s not a crisis.

It is not a national emergency.

I know that people in Congress don’t like to admit that, but they are.

They are going along with everything the President does.

And they are also not going to do anything about it, which means they have to deal with the consequences.

Trump has shown time and time again that he is not going anywhere.

He has shown that he has no intention of taking any responsibility for his actions, but he is a person who has not been held accountable for his past behavior, and that’s why we need to be very cautious about the future of the Republican party.

The conservative movement is at risk, and we need a strong and credible leadership.

I think this new GOP party will be an important part of that future.