The latest beauty trends for 2017

Beautiful website design online will be more prevalent on the internet than ever before, according to the latest research by RTE, a national broadcaster.

With the rise of social media, beauty trends are increasingly being shared through the digital landscape.

Online beauty brands are increasingly embracing digital design, and the latest beauty trend is a new way of getting people to shop.

This week, the beauty trend website launched its latest beauty beauty design program, a three-month programme which is aimed at helping beauty brands to grow and flourish online.

It has been launched as a free trial, and has already attracted more than 4,000 users.

It is a global initiative, which was launched last year by beauty brand Elsie in partnership with design agency RTE.

The first year of the programme saw the development of a platform to showcase beauty products, a blog to provide exclusive content and a dedicated Twitter feed for the brand.

This year, Elsie is working on creating a more polished and professional website, which will include more social features and a social share tool. 

The beauty website designer said the program has seen the most growth since the programme launched. 

“We are thrilled that this platform has become so popular,” she said. 

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of the beauty website. 

Since the programme began, the brand has seen over 40 million visits. is based in the Netherlands, but the brand’s brand ambassador is based internationally, with a presence in New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

“We hope that this program will become the standard for beauty websites around the world,” she added. 

 The program also features a new social sharing tool which will help beauty brands share the latest design inspiration, ideas and product reviews. 

Its launch comes as beauty brands worldwide are being encouraged to develop their own digital strategy.

 “I think this is great news, because it’s a new era of beauty and it’s all about what you can do with technology, and how you can use the tools of the digital age to your advantage,” said Joelle Van Avermaet, founder of the brand, which has been working with beauty brands for the past year.

“With the rising popularity of social and social sharing, I think the beauty industry is in for a really exciting time.” will launch in the second half of next year, and will provide a free service for beauty brands, providing inspiration, news and more.

“The beauty industry has always been about the idea of the aesthetic, but now we are seeing more people being exposed to this idea of digital beauty and this idea that they can create and share the aesthetic,” she explained.

“And that’s what we’re seeing in the beauty trends.

It’s a big shift.”