Pittsburgh is finally getting a brand new name for its new transit system

The Pittsburgh city government is finally putting a new name to its new citywide transit system.

The name is Transit Pittsburgh, and the city is announcing it Wednesday.

The city’s mayor says it’s important to recognize the city’s transit history.

We have been a pioneer in transit, and we have a very vibrant and vibrant transit network, Mayor Bill Peduto said.

The mayor says this new name reflects that fact.

“The Pittsburgh City Council has made this decision today because it recognizes the history and the growth of our city,” he said.

Peduto says Pittsburgh has a vibrant transit system, with many more stations and lines in service than any other city in the country.

He says Pittsburgh’s transit network is so extensive that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how many people use it.

He estimates that the system has about 10,000 rides a day.