New York Times site design: How to keep your clients’ eye on your content

New York, NY — The New York State Department of Business Oversight issued a report today outlining a few tips to help site designers avoid the trap of looking like a copycat.

The report is a collaborative effort between the Department of State, the New York Business Association and the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

In particular, it outlines a series of tips to improve the looks of site designs and images in both the print and digital formats.

One key tip is to choose images that are consistent with the website design and its content, while avoiding those that are too similar to the design.

For example, a website design that includes an image of a car might look great on a glossy magazine but be too similar on a brochure, for example.

The report also outlines some tools that designers can use to help improve the look of their design.

The report suggests using a mix of photo and text assets, such as a logo and text that match the content.

A font, if it’s available, is also a good choice.

And, designers should also look for a design that has an overall, consistent visual identity, such an aesthetic that’s consistent across the site.

Also, designers need to be careful about their choice of images and the design, the report says.

“If you have to choose one type of image, you need to make sure that it is consistent across all of your design elements, regardless of the type of device or platform,” the report reads.

Designers also should be mindful of their site’s accessibility, as it can be difficult to understand a design if a person who has disabilities is not using the same device or is using a different interface.

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