‘Mystery’ in a Mystery House: A House that Never Existed

When a woman was born in Atlanta, she had no family.

Her family had moved away.

She had no siblings, no brothers, no sisters.

When she turned 3, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and moved to a nursing home.

A month later, her brother died.

The woman was living in a hospital bed in Atlanta and she had nowhere to go.

Her only hope for survival was to find a new home for herself and her brother.

She searched for a new family.

A few months later, she found a woman named Marcela.

She called Marcelas home.

When they met, she was a woman in her late 20s.

They bonded over a shared love of sports and music.

Marcelas mother died before she was born.

The young woman would be Marcels oldest sibling.

It was only when she turned three that Marcella found out she was the child of a dead mother.

She cried in the hallway, she cried at her bedside.

Marcyls birth was so traumatic that her father never told anyone.

It didn’t help matters that the infant was never placed in a nursery.

It took Marceltas mother’s own mother nearly two years to find the right nursery to care for her.

The child had never been seen by her father.

In the years following Marcellas birth, Marceleas mother was never found.

But she was not forgotten.

She was a local news story.

Marces family eventually found her daughter.

She told her story on a local radio station and on a television show called “Cats of the Savannah.”

In 2012, Marcyllas story reached national attention when she was featured in an episode of ABC’s “Finding Your Roots” and she appeared in the television series “Masters of Sex.”

When the series ended, ABC renewed the program and aired it in 2015.

Marcys story touched so many people and made Marceldas name immortalized on the show.

In 2017, Marc’s story was revisited on the Discovery Channel’s “Mads,” and Marcelicas story was once again featured.

“Mystery House” was one of many local projects created by Marcelya’s family and others who worked to find Marcelis missing sister.

Her parents would always be remembered as caring and dedicated mothers.

But Marceella’s story never died.

Today, the Marceles have a house, a church and a museum to remember her.

In addition to “Mysteries,” a film is being made of MarceLis story.

The film will premiere on Discovery Channel this fall.

For Marcelia, finding a new life is all about “making it up to people,” Marcelyn’s mother, Marjorie, said.

She says Marcelishas story has inspired her to try to make a difference in the lives of others.

She said she believes in making things better and she knows it will be a challenge to keep the story alive.

Marcilyn’s family hopes to raise awareness about missing people.

She wants to share Marcelestas story, help other families with a child missing, and to make her mother proud.