I was the designer for a website that had a banner for a local news channel

I had been tasked with designing a website banner for an local news network.

The website’s tagline was: “This is our news channel.

We’re not going anywhere.

If you want to know what that means, here’s the link.”

I was shocked that there was a website with a banner, and not a page on the site that said, “Hey, this is our channel.

If it makes you feel better, it means we’re not shutting up.”

And I wasn’t surprised that the website was designed by a woman with no experience designing websites.

I was the site designer, but the banner was my first and only design job, which is not uncommon in the media industry.

So I spent months thinking about how to make the website look professional.

And then I learned that, even though the website didn’t look professional, it was still a good start.

When the time came to launch the website, I knew it needed a splash page, which would make it stand out.

The splash page could be any number of things, from a simple logo to a large logo.

The website was supposed to be designed by an experienced web designer, not a college student.

And I was told to start with a simple design template.

I did a quick mockup, then started looking at other designers.

I saw that my colleague had a great website, and she wanted to build one for her blog, so I decided to build it.

The initial mockup looked great.

I started by drawing a basic logo and using the design template I had built to help me create the splash page.

I then started designing the logo.

I was thinking about colors and fonts and how they fit into the site, and how it would stand out against all the other pages on the website.

The logo is a simple, elegant white circle.

The circle is in a rectangular pattern.

And the logo has a stylized font on one side and a simple image on the other side.

On top of the logo, I added a horizontal border around it.

I liked the look of the font and the look that the image would give off.

The design took just over a week to create, but I had the website ready by the end of January.

It was the first website that I ever worked on, and it went viral in my first week of work.

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