How to build a site to help a struggling customer get back on their feet

An Indian website designed to help customers get back to their feet after their ordeal with their bank has been abandoned.

The website design of an online dating service, e-fidelity, which has since been abandoned, was designed by a woman who had just completed her first year at a university.

Her design was shared on Twitter on Monday by the e-commerce platform Flipkart.

The site, which was launched on January 1, was to help couples get back together by giving them a list of potential dates and giving them options for dates they wanted to see and to meet them.

It also offered a free mobile app called the eFidelity Mobile that gave users information on where they were, where they had been, when they were last seen and when they wanted a date.

But it was later reported that the app was not working on all users.

Flipkart has apologised for the issue and said the eCommerce platform will fix the issue within a week.

“We have since been informed of an issue with the mobile app,” a spokesperson said.

“The app will be fixed soon.”

In another tweet, the company said it is working on a solution for the problem.