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Google’s official logo design site has been hacked.

A large number of designer dupes websites were stolen, and a new website design quiz has been launched to help you choose the perfect logo design.

Read more:Google has now posted a new blog post explaining the breach.

The site is currently down.

But the company is offering a free online design kit that you can use to find the perfect design for your website.

The kit includes a design quiz and an in-depth guide to selecting a logo.

“The purpose of this design quiz is to help the design community identify which logo designs are the most popular and popular in terms of SEO,” Google said.

“Designers dupers, designer dupers and dupes designer websites are often a small subset of all websites and are thus important to the overall SEO process.”

With that in mind, the design kit provides designers with a tool to find designers dupes design and the key factors to consider in selecting the right logo design for a website.

“The design quiz asks users to choose a logo from a range of styles, colour schemes and typography.

You can find the designs on Google’s design site and on the designer duped website.

Google said that it has now removed the design quiz.