Google+ redesigns website design

Google+ has redesigned its website design for iOS and Android.

The redesign includes a brand new home page, a revamped “social” section, new buttons for sharing and more.

The new design makes use of Google’s Material Design guidelines to give it an entirely new look and feel.

It’s a step forward for the Google+ app and Google+ as a whole, with Google showing off a number of new features that will make their app better than ever before.

There are a number design tweaks in the new redesign.

Google+ now has an “in-app purchase” option that lets you make a purchase with a credit card or debit card to get access to new features.

The new purchase page also shows the option to add your own content or photos to your account.

The Google+ design also offers a new “social media” section.

The social section is now divided into two sections: the “About” section that has new information about the app and other Google+ features, and the “Community” section where you can share content from other users on the site.

A new button on the “about” page shows you a new section to share content with.

You can now search for photos by keyword, rather than a generic search, by typing in a keyword or by adding a keyword to your search.

You can also add photos to a page by clicking the “add photo” button.

When you share a photo with other users, the new search box will show up in the “search results” area.

The “about page” has a new look.

The app’s search bar has a bigger font, new icons for the search box, and a new sidebar.

There’s also a new navigation menu that allows you to see which search results are relevant to your interests.

The search bar now includes “about me,” “about Google,” and “about the app.”

It also includes a new notification center in the upper right corner that shows you the time when the app was last updated, as well as a new checkbox to let you enable “hidden content.”

When you open a new app, you’ll see the search bar disappear, replaced with a new menu with all of your search results.

It shows you your search query, a link to the search result page, and an option to enable hidden content.

You’ll also see a new list in the top right corner of the app, which lists all of the features that were added to the app.

There’s also new navigation in the app’s “about menu,” which shows you what content was added to it, and how long ago that content was updated.

It’s also now possible to change the color of the home bar.

You’ll see a checkmark next to the color you want.

There will be a new version of the “Settings” app, the settings app, that will give you access to the “Privacy Policy,” “Privacy & Terms,” and other sections of the Google Plus app.

The Settings app has been revamped to look like Google+ on iOS and Google+.

You’ll now be able to pin your profile to the left and right of your app and to have the “home” button be a button next to your name.

You will also be able toggle between the home screen and the app on Android, which has been updated to show the new “About page.”

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