Google+ has launched a new design tool that helps you build beautiful, responsive web sites

Polygon article Google+ now supports the new design tools on the site design elements, image, and other design elements.

It has launched the new tools on Google+ and the Google+ mobile app.

The new tools are available as an extension to the new site design element.

“It makes it easier to get the best design for your site, and allows you to quickly create a great looking, visually compelling and powerful website,” Google’s Chris Urmson wrote on the blog.

“Now you can share your designs with others on Google+, and get feedback directly from Google engineers.”

The new design elements are available on Google+.

The first of the new features is a new look and feel for the site and the navigation bar.

You can now make the navigation menu easier to read and navigate.

Another new design element allows you add links to other sites on your Google+ page.

You should now see your Google + page in the navigation drawer.

Google+ is currently only available for Chrome and Firefox.