‘Google, Facebook are not responsible’: US court rules on Google-Facebook lawsuit

The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that Google, Facebook and their affiliates are not liable for the copyright infringement of their respective products.

The decision is part of a broad ruling that could affect millions of users across the world.

In a landmark decision on Friday, the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeal said the defendants are not “responsible” for infringing copyrights on their products.

Google has been sued over its popular search engine, YouTube, over allegations that it does not adequately protect copyright holders, including musicians and filmmakers.

Google, which has faced criticism over its practices in the past, has denied wrongdoing.

Facebook, meanwhile, has been the target of lawsuits from musicians and film-makers.

The company has also faced accusations of making money off of copyrighted works.

A copyright infringement lawsuit filed in February 2018 by former YouTube star Tyler Joseph over copyright infringement by his YouTube video “The Most Interesting Man in the World” had a preliminary injunction issued last year, which effectively prevented the company from operating YouTube until it settled the case.

A ruling on the Google-Mozilla suit could impact thousands of users who have been using Google’s search engine for a while, according to The New York Times. 

The ruling comes as the US courts grapple with the potential ramifications of a court ruling in favor of Google.

Earlier this year, a US appeals court ruled that the US government must pay a $1.9 billion settlement to the music publisher Universal Music Group for allegedly defrauding the public with its alleged use of search algorithms to link songs to artists.

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